IMG_20150614_095055110_HDR.jpg Getting excited for Mackinac Island. IMG_20150614_095650.jpg Friday only attacked one guy on the boat ride... good job Friday. (Victim visible in yellow coat) IMG_20150614_124749.jpg Fog made everything look like Jurassic Park. IMG_20150614_123248.jpg Animals pulling humans is such a novelty on the island.
Friday hard at work.
IMG_20150614_124700.jpg Friday pulled so badly, we had no choice but to set him free. IMG_20150614_124053.jpg Us in front of Arch Rock. IMG_20150614_142315.jpg Friday at the half way point, four miles. IMG_20150614_135839.jpg The west side of the island turned from fog and despair into crystal paradise. IMG_20150614_135426.jpg I think I can see Friday's toes. IMG_20150614_135929.jpg Friday can't help but make a majestic pose. IMG_20150614_150930.jpg Eight miles on highway M-185 this bad boy. IMG_20150614_150736.jpg Rest area off the highway M-185. IMG_20150614_151257.jpg Ducks be hatin'. IMG_20150614_151705.jpg Scenic view of foggy Mackinac Bridge. IMG_20150614_153157.jpg Friday having a hard time choosing a rock. IMG_20150614_153006.jpg Devil's Kitchen. IMG_20150614_155923.jpg Waiting for the parade. Hopefully the police aren't too loud for Friday. IMG_20150614_161528.jpg Intimidating police force. IMG_20150614_162344.jpg Friday is wigging out from loud bands. IMG_20150614_190315.jpg Friday and Jeff after ice cream.